Bumble and bumble
A versatile cut can be worn several ways, and products are the key to changing it! Bumble and bumble products are made for cutting-edge styles of today. No matter the hair type, Bumble has something for you.

A limited group of establishments around the world sell Bb. products and share a vision for a stronger hairdressing culture. Each is the best in their region and employs stylists who are impeccably trained, unusually talented and have an unyielding passion and love for their craft. In addition to selling Bb. products, they develop their skills at Bumble and bumble University (Bb.U) in New York City. So if you think our products are great, then you're right! But if you thought Bb. was just stuff in a bottle, you're wrong. Bb. is a company dedicated to the craft, culture, and commerce of hairdressing.

The name Amika is derived from Latin and means "girlfriend" or "friend" in a number of the Romance languages. Amika fills the void for high performing products that encourage ingenuity and originality. Founded in New York City, Amika's design and development teams take inspiration from the city's vibrant fashion, art and music scenes-infusing the latest technology with a creative edge. Our styling tools are developed by stylist, for stylist-delivering products that are born to perform and live to impress.